My Favorite GIFs (Kardashian Edition)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today's prompt is to describe our day but using GIFs... and since I worked today, I am just going to share my older post about my work day in GIFs! Click here to check it out. Now you all should know by now that I love GIFs and secretly I am always saving ones to my phone to use when the perfect opportunity arises in a conversation (is that dorky..?)! Most of them are the epitome of my guilty pleasure....Kardashian quotes! I thought I would post some of my favorites of Kim, Kourtney, and Khole (my favorite Kardashian sister, duh). 
I make that face at least five times a day

Khole coming in clutch AGAIN

This wouldn't be a Kardashian post without Kim crying

And can't forget about Kourtney

Of course not!

Who we really watch the show for...

Feel free to save these to your phone for future conversational use...I swear all the cool kids do it. 


What are your favorite GIFs?

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