Monthly Favorites | June 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So before getting to the favorites of June 2014, I should apologize for the lack of posts... I had a two weeks of blog sulking where I didn't feel like taking the time to write anything down or take any pictures of the things I was doing and then I was just mad at myself for not feeling motivated for blogging. However I am back (hopefully without hiatus) and ready to rumble. So let's get on with some monthly favorites!


If there was an award for the most shallow New Years resolution ever made, I think I would have been a nominee (and quite possibly a winner). While most people make meaningful resolutions or resolutions to better their inner-selves, I made a resolution to start wearing lip color more often (I know, don't laugh!) I usually would forget about it but then I realized what a big difference it makes in leaving the made up face with a perfect, put together finish. Soo in the past few weeks, I ended up buying a few Revlon lipsticks that are perfect shades for summer! I have a shimmery coral (Kiss Me Coral), a light pink (Wink for Pink), and a bright purple (Wild Orchid). 

My second beauty favorite of the month is the NYC Color Cosmetics Bronzer in Sunny. I love this for two reasons... One being that it is the perfect matte bronzer for my very pale face in the winter, but is build-able so it transitions well to my tanned summer face. Two is that it is extremely cheap! Since we have had such nice weather lately, I have been spending at lot of time at the pool and at the beach thus my face has a nice summer glow to it (even though I load SPF 50 sunscreen on it every 30 minutes...) This bronzer is the perfect shade for any skin tone so it is a year-round product!


Now I know I am a few years late to being obsessed with this hit show, but in the month of June I could not stop watching One Tree Hill! I actually started this first season back in the fall, but schoolwork became too much and I lost interest in the show. I picked it back up again for the summer and I have been really into it! For those of you poor unfortunate souls who haven't had the show before, its about a group of high schoolers and their drama/romance/coming of age. I know it might not be up everyone's alley, but just watch it anyway (for Nathan Scott).


This is a weird favorite I know, but I cannot stop eating Fage Greek Yogurt so I thought I would include it my June favorites! I never used to like yogurt until I tried greek yogurt and then my life was changed. It has a thick and creamy texture that almost makes me feel like I am eating a dessert for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/whenever I am eating one. My two favorite flavors have been honey and cherry-pomegranate. YUM!

What were your June favorites?

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