Switching Shoes with a Disney Princess!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today, on this glorious Saturday that I so fortunately get to spend inside at work, our prompt tells us that we can switch places with anyone for a day! Let's begin...
Instead of waking up today as Meghan from Maine, I woke up as a Disney princess who spends her days wandering around the Magic Kingdom of Disney World! Now you might be wondering which princess I am...I'll give you some hints:
1. I am the town outcast because I always have my nose in a book and a dreamy far off look in my eye.
2. My boyfriend is a little rough around the edges, and quite hairy...
3. My best friends happen to be items found around a house, like a mantelclock, a candelabra, a teapot and a teacup.
4. The town hunk is always asking me out a date even though I constantly refuse because he is kind of a meathead.

If you guessed that I am Belle, then you are right!

I live in a wondrous place called Disney World and my favorite part of day is meeting new friends who always want my autograph and to take pictures with me! 

The second favorite part of my day is when all my closest friends and I put on a show on stage for all of our new friends! 

The third favorite part of my day is getting to wear this totally amazing gold dress! It really makes me feel like royalty.

When not I am not out meeting new friends or performing in shows, I enjoy reading, organizing my library, spending time with Beast, and avoiding the woods because I tend to get lost in them!
Have a magical day!

I did not stop smiling the entire time I wrote this post because I enjoyed it so much, so I hope you enjoy it too!


Who would you switch places with?


  1. Ohh yes!! Switching places with a Disney Princess would be fun!! I would choose Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. Actually I worked/work seasonally now at Disney World and I have a ton of friends who actually are "friends" with one or more of princesses! :) They're jobs cant even be considered jobs cuz they get to play dress up all day! lol

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I would have absolutely loved to have had the opportunity to work at Disney World in the College Program, but I just couldn't make the time with classes! I bet you must have loved working there, I have never heard a bad thing about it! I agree that it doesn't even seem like work to be "friends" with a princess! Just a lot of smiling and posing!


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