Friday, October 31, 2014

Guys, I am so sad that its the last day of October. I mean, I am happy because it's Halloween and I love Halloween, but I am sad to see #Blogtober14 go. I had so much fun linking up with Helene and Tay! However, I am excited to take my newly learned blogging skills and really run with them!

I thought I would share my plan for my costume for tonight and tomorrow...yes I live in a college town so Halloween started last night and will continue onto Saturday. Tonight, I plan on being half of a skeleton with one side of my body painted with bones and half of a skeleton face. The other half will be just very girly makeup and I will probably curl my hair!
On Saturday, I know I will be tired from tailgating (because its Homecoming weekend too!!) so I have just decided to be a simple vampire...so black on black clothing with scary (ish) makeup.

I am sorry that this is short post today, but I didn't have a lot of time to write as I need to prepare for my apartment to be inundated with alumni who want to pretend like they are still in college for the weekend! I am beyond excited to see them and can't wait to give them the weekend they have been looking forward to!

If you want to see pictures of my costumes, I will most definitely be taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram tonight and tomorrow so click here for my Instagram profile! There will most definitely be a more detailed post about my costumes going up at the beginning of next week so stay tuned for that as well! I can't wait to read about everyone else's Halloween!


What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

Debra Morgan taught me a bad habit

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So I thought about listing 50 facts about me for today's post, and then I thought "mmm better not". Instead, I scoured the internet for a fun little survey and thanks to this site on tumblr, I found the jackpot of surveys! I picked my favorite so here goes nothing: 
What are your favorite smells?
Coffee, vanilla, John's deodorant
Can you go a whole day without caffeine?
Who knows more about you than anyone else?
Probably John or my best friend Sarah. If they put their heads together, they would know more about me than I know about me. 
What song did you last listen to?
Where Did You Go? By The Mighty Might Bosstones 
 Do you have a crush on anybody?
One of the cats from a family that I babysit for...its so friendly and loves to be pet. Don't tell my cats or John please. 
Do you like The Beatles?
Yes...especially my freshman year in high school. I thought listening to them made me cool and insightful.
G. If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose?
Purple...to be more specific the Pantone color of the year (Radiant Orchid). 
Do you cook often?
Yes, usually every other night and I will make enough for the next night! I love trying new recipes!
What was the last film you watched? Did you like it?
I just saw Gone Girl in theaters last night...I had read the book so I knew the plot already, but I loved it. I have read some interesting reviews on the movie, but I have to say that I liked it! I don't want to spoil it by saying anything more, but go out and read the book! 
Can you sew?
Yes, and knit and crochet...jack of all trades over here!
What is your favorite fruit?
I guess either granny smith apples or watermelon (and yes it has to be granny smith).
 Are you health conscious?
On a scale, with 100% being obsessively health conscious and 0% being "is butter a carb?" I would say I am about at 65%. I watch what I eat, but I am not on a super strict diet. I also don't exercise as much as I should either. 
Do you curse a lot?
I do a lot in my head, and I just finished binge watching Dexter on Netflix and they curse a lot on the show so I feel like I have been saying them more out loud.
When was the last time you had a pint of beer?
Saturday...my roommates and I went out to dinner and I had a pumpkin beer!
What was the last book you purchased?
Do textbooks count? If not, I can't remember because I like to borrow books or find free ones on my Kindle! 
Do you shave your pits?
Did you ever play seven minutes in heaven?
No...is that common for people to have played this? Did I miss out? 
How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled! With cheese. And ketchup (I know thats weird)
What was your last argument about and who with?
Probably with myself...I took a Buzzfeed quiz on morals and I just fought with myself internally because the decisions were so hard to make! Take the quiz and see what I am talking about. 

Hopefully you liked these questions and feel like you got to know me better! Answer some of these questions yourself..either in a blog post or in the comments!

Helene in Between Blogtober


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guys I'm think #Blogtober14 has made me addicted to blogging. I think about it all the time. I probably would talk about it all the time but then my friends might ask to see my blog...
I think I wrote most of this post in my head during my clinical applications class because learning about heart failure today was not as interesting as thinking of how I attract embarrassment and also what the heck I am going to post about after #Blogtober14 is over. Probably i'll end up writing about how much I love November and December...I am so ready to wrap up this semester and head home for the holiday break (44 days until finals are finished and I am on the road home). 
Have I made you forgot why your here yet? Hopefully. I was trying. Did it work? I really really didn't want to write this post but then I felt guilty and said "Aw Meghan, its the last week of October so you have to!" I tried to think of other embarrassing moments in my life but this one is really the only one that I can actually write out. You guys really don't want to know my most embarrassing moment. You guys don't want know that in the 7th grade I walked around with my monthly, weeklong visitor on my pants for the whole day...oops. 

You might think, "Jeez, Meghan..this isn't really a big deal, I am sure it has happened to most girls when their lady flu is still a newish thing!" The embarrassing thing is not that it happened, but how I handled it. I discovered I was surfing the crimson tide during the mid-morning (no, it wasn't my first time getting it either), and it had gone all the way through to the outside of my jeans. *CRINGE* One might think the easy thing would be to call my mom at home and ask her to bring me a new pair of pants. But that would have required me explaining to my male teacher why I needed to call home for a new pair of pants... What would you have done as a 12 year old?! So there I went from class to class, walking with my hands behind my back thinking that this would hide the fact the I probably resembled Carrie at prom from the back.
Sorry for the gore but point proven, right? via

The only "right" thing I did all day was skip lacrosse practice to go home and cry in shame. If some of the logic of my ways in this post doesn't make sense, middle school doesn't make sense. But hey, my take-away lesson from this is clear...I will be sending my daughter (if I have one) to middle school with an extra pair of pants to keep in her locker. 

Excuse me while I go cry about my awkward pre-teen years now. Oh and please still like me, even after reading this.

Are you crying from second-hand embarrassment yet?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Very Superstitious

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I might have mentioned this before, but I am a very paranoid person. In my head, being paranoid and being superstitious run hand in hand...(does anyone else see the connection?) 
Proof of the paranoia...click here to see how paranoid you are.

Some of my superstitions: 

-I don't step on cracks (Seriously, what would my mom do if she broke her back?)

-I have to put my right shoe on first or put my right leg in pants first 

-Bad things come in threes 

-I only wear my Disney princess socks when I know I am going to have a good day

-I sleep with my closet door open (that way I can see if there is a monster)

-Whenever I am driving north to visit John, I have to have a Smores pop tart (makes for less traffic)

-Ladybugs bring me good luck

-I have to knock on wood (usually use my head for the wood)
I started doing that first, Lisa Kudrow...copycat. 

I am hoping that reading other people's superstitions today will help me to see that I am not totally crazy (just a little bit). 

What are some of your superstitions? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

Dear younger Meghan,

Monday, October 27, 2014

I wonder if this letter will be read by 12 year old Meghan, who is awkward and doesn't have a lot of self-confidence or by 16 year old Meghan who wore jeans with sneakers to school on the reg and had no clue it wasn't okay. Or maybe 13 year old Meghan who thought she looked weird in ponytails so she only wore her hair down and straight.
8th grade graduation...I had finally broken the straight hair streak!

No matter what age you are, I want to tell you to have more confidence in yourself! You have your own style and thats okay! You look fine with your hair pulled back, and it doesn't have to be perfectly straight. You are smart and you should let your guard down so more people can see how funny you are (relatively speaking). Don't be afraid of being a little more outgoing and get over the horrendous shy quality of yours. Although, you did play that mysterious card well (actually more like the weird card). 
Start your blog sooner! You have literally wanted your own website since you were 10 years old, so I don't know why it will take you until you are 21 to actually hit publish. Also, stop telling yourself/others that you aren't creative. Creativity isn't just like painting and drawing, but it is things like makeup and this blog! Embrace your love of makeup, and don't be afraid to experiment a little more with it!
Me at my 16th birthday dinner..see the cherry cola red hair?

Also, a few more things. Don't dye your hair red for the swim team for states. Eat yogurt. Try to like more fruit. Get in the habit of painting your nails...it just makes you look so much more polished (get it??). Most of all, just BE YOURSELF! 

 Older and a little bit wiser Meghan

What would you tell your younger self?

P.S. I took the weekend off from my computer...hence the reason why I slacked on posts! Back on track now for the last few days of #Blogtober14! Also don't laugh too hard at these pictures!

Helene in Between Blogtober

Two products that always found in my purse!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I am so excited about today's prompt! I love makeup...every aspect. Buying it. Using it. Talking about it. Recommending it. I really couldn't decide (shocker, I know!) between two different products, so here are the two products that will always be found in my makeup bag!

random favorite beauty products

The first is the Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara! There are a few in this "Colassal Volum" line, and my favorite is the Cat Eyes...mostly because the tube has a leopard print on it and I just love cats. This is absolutely my go-to makeup product every day. If I had to pick one beauty product to wear, it would be this one! 
Here is a before/after pic of using the mascara! Please excuse the poor lighting and my lack of expertise in photography...I am trying to get better but without studio lights and a DSLR, there is only so much a girl can do!

As you can see, I am someone that likes the spider-y last look! If you don't, I would recommend other "Colassal Volum" mascaras other than the Cat Eyes one! I have used the original one and it gives a much more subtle look. 

The second product is Chapstick-brand chapstick. For me, its a toss up between the original (blue tubes) and classic kind (black tubes). I have a stash of these in my backpack/purses/wallets and car. I need to be near a Chapstick tube, because I cannot stand the sensation of my lips being the slightest bit dry. I read once that there are properties in all types of chapsticks/lip balms that actually dry your lips out...but I guess I don't really care anymore because I am definitely addicted to use it! 

What are your favorite beauty products?

Helene in Between Blogtober

If you don't Instagram it, did it really happen?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Basically my life motto (see above). Instagram is definitely my most favorite social media app, and editing pictures is one of my favorite little hobbies. Here are a few apps I love using when editing pictures!


Some of my friends think I am crazy for this, but I actually paid for my favorite Instagram picture editing app (its only $0.99). Afterlight is totally worth it, I swear! There a lots of filters to use that edit the picture just enough to make it look good, but not enough for it to look too edited. This is my go-to app for editing. I even use it to edit some pictures for this blog as well!


This is probably my second most used app, and I use it in probably every one in three pictures on Instagram. It has a ton of uses (and it's free!), and I think its kind of like an Instagram-type app...but I really only use it to make bigger pictures fit into the smaller square shape that Instagram likes pictures to be. It basically shrinks the picture down and creates the white borders on the sides (similar to Whitagram, but I prefer this). You have to "post" the picture in order to be able to save it to your camera roll, but I never really check the feed! 


I feel like this is an obvious one for us out here in the blogging world! I mostly use it to add text to pictures...I don't really love the filter choices! Some features are free, and I find it enough to definitely make do! Are there any of you out there who have upgraded to the pro "Royale" version? Is it worth it? 

What apps do you enjoy using for editing?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Please get your feet away from me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So I am starting this post off on a tangent, and then I am going to circle back around to the prompt of the day, which is pet peeves! Yesterday morning, I was in a fender bender while driving to campus for my morning class. It's really ironic because I left my apartment 15 minutes earlier than I normally would have so I could sit down and enjoy coffee and a muffin before class. Best laid plans, eh? The second after my car jolted forward from the impact, I looked in my rearview mirror and thought "this is going to wreck my day". It took a while to get the police there and exchange info, and I left shook up and hangry. I knew that I only had about 45 minutes left of class so instead of sneaking in super later, I decided that I should fulfill my basic need for food (and coffee) and try to relax my shaking hands. 
After getting the my favorite Dunkin Donuts order of a hazelnut coffee and a coffee cake muffin, I sat down at a table and opened my laptop to my Bloglovin account to catch up on some of my favorite blogs. This was a perfect way to get myself out of my own head and into someone else's for 45 minutes. So I just wanted to thank you all for spending the time to write these posts day after day, because they really made my day today! 
And to really bring things full circle, the first pet peeve on my list today is 1. Traffic accidents
2. Feet. I don't mind my own, but I don't like to see/touch/hear about other peoples feet. Some friends of mine know this and think its funny to put their feet on me or close to me (not okay). I would rather everyone just wear Disney princess socks like me.
When people put their feet on me. via reationgifs.

3. The apartment below me for playing music at 9am on Saturday mornings. I love David Bowie more than my college-aged peers do, so I was initially surprised when I heard his voice rising up from my floor. My surprise has since turned to annoyance as this has happened multiple Saturdays since I have been living here in August. No David Bowie, as many times as you sing "let's dance", I am not going to dance at 9am on Saturday.
Sorry David. via buzzfeed. 
4. The apartment next to me for having a party on a Tuesday night. Who needs sleep anyway? I do, so I can study for my psych test. #collegetownlife
5. When I can't find exactly the right gif I was hoping to find. It happened yesterday for my "dream vacation" post...I think I spent double the amount of time searching for gifs than I actually did writing the post! 
Heres hoping today is a better day. via reactiongifs. 

These pet peeves may seem a big random, but I did a small pet peeves post a few weeks ago...If you interested in reading that, just click here! Also, I just realized I wrote about feet in my last pet peeves post...I really have a major aversion to them!

What are some of your pet peeves?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Dream Vacation

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I really had to think about this prompt for a while yesterday...I kept debating back and forth with myself on what my dream vacation would be. Would I pick a Caribbean cruise, a European tour or a South American adventure? Finally, it hit me that my dream vacation would basically be any of the Kardashian-Jenner family trips. 

If you aren't keeping up with the Kardashians, I'll catch you up..In every season of their show, they pick a tropical destination and head there as a family. The past few seasons they have gone to Greece, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Bora Bora. Wouldn't you just love to spend a week at a 5 star hotel living the life of luxury? Spending time on yachts, riding elephants, ziplining, dinners outside with gorgeous views...its a dream! Now I am not saying that I would want to BE a Kardashian (yes I would), but you have to admit that the idea of going on a vacation with your loved ones is pretty sweet, right? 
and family!

Except when you lose your earrings. 

What is your dream vacation?

Helene in Between Blogtober

What makes me happy

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Since pictures supposedly say 1,000 words, I thought they might be a little more effective in telling you what makes me happy. 




Reilly, Rocco & Watson

The Beach

You guys know I had to be funny at some point...

Also...one final thing that makes me happy is my new blog design by DesignerBlogs! I can't stop hitting "view blog" and just scrolling up and down my blog...I'm obsessed to say the least!

What makes you happy?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Do you want to know a secret? How about five?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's prompt is to share a secret about ourselves, and I thought "Hey, why not share five?" So here goes nothing...

1. I cry at everything. 
Happy things. Sad things. But mostly happy. I remember crying at my aunt and uncle's wedding ceremony when I was in second grade, because I thought it was so touching (I have since cried at every single wedding I've been to). I bawl at the end of The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler's character sings to Drew Barrymore's character on the airplane. I actually cry at the end of every romantic movie (any type--especially rom-coms). I cry at every "last" moment...since I am a senior this year, I have been having a lot of these moments lately! 

2. I am a control freak.
This is actually something that I don't like it admit about myself and I am only admitting it because I am trying to work on it...and acceptance is on the steps to recovery, right? I like the schedules that I always have going in my head and its hard for me to deviate from my plans. I like things a certain way and as much as I try to be a go with the flow type person, I just end up being a create the flow type. I am really trying to be better, guys!

3. I suck at doing laundry
 I wear my jeans (ok, and yoga pants) a lot before I actually wash them. I know I suck at laundry and I accept the things I cannot change so I have an awesomely big towel and underwear collection so I never run out of clean ones. 
I need one of these

4. I wish I could play video games 24/7
This is probably the most embarrassing secret I'll admit in this post and its kind of a dark one because its a little immature! When I was younger, I loved playing my GameBoy (so much that it would make my right eye twitch), and as years went on, I just had less and less time for it. I wish I could play Pokemon, Sims, and Super Mario Bros just in my spare time...but I am a 21 year old college girl who is unsure if she could handle the weird looks she would get if she played those games in public. Guess I'll just have to fill this wish by playing the Kim Kardashian game (I am already an A-lister). 

Only my mom and John know about it. Oh, and all of you. So its not really a secret per se, but none of my friends know...should I tell them? 

What is a secret of yours?

Helene in Between Blogtober
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