Are You Trying to Annoy Me?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Do you ever have those days where you feel like every one is specifically out to get you? Its like they know all your pet peeves and make it their mission to subject you to them. While I am being very dramatic right now, I felt like so many of my pet peeves popped out at me this week! Please let me know I am not crazy and these are some of your annoyances too!

1. Barefoot in public
So I am leaving the library on campus, just walking down the stairs and a girl passes me going up the stairs who is NOT WEARING SHOES OR SOCKS. Completely barefoot on a rug that probably never gets vacuumed. I'm sure she just kicked off her socks/shoes while studying and then thought she would pop down stairs to grab some Starbucks...BUT PLEASE, no one wants to see or smell your feet! 

 2. Not using gender-neutral pronouns
If you don't know, I am studying nursing right now in college. In many of my classes, we talk about case studies or my professors always give us hypothetical situations and we have to talk through them. What gets me about these situations and studies are that my professors always refer to doctors as "he" and nurses as "she". My classroom is not female only...there are plenty of guys in my classes and I get mad for them every time it is insinuated that all nurses are girls. Also, I get mad for the amazing female doctors that I worked with this summer who probably have spent most of their careers fighting the stereotype that all doctors are men. Just use a gender-neutral pronoun, please!
Exactly my reaction in class...

3. Sound of people eating
I did a bit of research on this and while I thought the internet was going to tell me I was insane for this to bug me, but apparently its called misophonia. Its the severe hatred of sound and it is usually triggered by the sounds of people eating...Now I am most definitely not saying that I have this, but its nice to know that I am not 100% picky. 

4. Not paying attention while walking
On a college campus, every one is walking. Walking to class, to eat, to study, to hang out, to who knows where. About once a week, I have an unfortunate run in with some one who is not paying attention to where they are walking and I end up doing an awkward "how-do-I-get-out-of-this-persons-way-so-they-don't-run-into-me" dance with the other person never even noticing I am bouncing around them. My rule of thumb is that my feet and my eyes should always be pointed in the same that such a crazy thought?!
What I really should do.

5. No one cares how much you drank this weekend and general vulgarity
While this title pretty much explains it all, I just can't stand when people brag about how "wasted" they were this weekend or how much they are going to be next weekend. There is a time and a place for talk like that and its not at 8am in my lecture class. No one cares. GRR. 

Thanks for letting me rant, internet! I hope none of you are offended by these things, and keep your fingers crossed that I will have better luck this week with people annoying me so you will not have to be subjected to another complaint list! (But don't lie, I know you liked the gifs.)

What are some of your pet peeves?

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