iOS 8 Impressions

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

With the past few iOS updates, I waited a few days after the release so I could find out all the little bugs and annoyances that comes with any new technology. However, with this new update, I figured why not just put my phone down for a bit to let it download and see what its all about before my friends do! 

As far as downloading the update went, it took about an hour on my wifi to get it. Then, it took about 25 minutes for it to actually be installed on my phone. This isn't bad considering I was expecting it to take three hours...Now before I start to talk about what's new with the phone, I want to say that I am not at all an expert in technology/iPhones. I just really like them!

What's new with...


The texting app now gives you choices of what words it thinks you might you next. While it felt a bit awkward and slow at first, I think I am going to like to using this shorthand method of typing. It reminds me a bit of T9 word, for those of you who texted through flip phones six years ago!!

The camera roll album was deleted off of the photo app, which is definitely something I am not happy with. I liked being able to see all my pictures together and easily scroll through. To do that now, I will have to go to the "photos" tab and go through the "collections". This is just a minor annoyance, and overall I'm sure it will be for the best, right? Apple-installed apps!

I noticed four new apps when my phone was done installing the new update. I don't have much use for the iBooks (I am a Kindle girl) or the Podcasts (never was able to get into them). However, I do find the Health app can sync all your health apps together in one place. As a student nurse, I find this information very interesting and love the fingertip accessibility! The fourth new app is a Tips app, that gives helpful hints for using the new iOS 8 update. I think this will be helpful for the first few weeks, but I am curious about its long term use!

I added this as a joke because I don't use iCloud, mostly because I do not understand/don't want to understand it. I have heard many problems that people have with iCloud and I don't want to subject myself to the hidden intricacies of the Cloud! Maybe someday...

After installing the update, I spent the rest of the day constantly checking the newly updated apps that promoted better iOS 8 compatibility. So far I haven't seen anything new and better that stuck out to me, but I will keep you updated!

What do you think of the iOS 8 update?

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