New Year, New Me?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You might be shaking your head at the title of this post and be saying, "Meghan, its only September 2..." Yes, I do recognize that it is not New Years Day, however I am a week into a new school year. I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year actually. For the most part, I spent August one-fourth excited to go back to college to see my friends and get back into the swing of a schedule. The other three-fourths was spent sulking about having to say goodbye to my family, my home friends, my awesome summer job and the freedom of summer. 
This sulking is why I haven't quite been blogger extraordinaire. For a few weeks, I found it hard to muster the enthusiasm to write about what I was doing or what products I have been loving or whatever random thoughts pop into my head. On that note, with a new year upon me, I am feeling that I am back on the blog writing grind for good. I find that it helps to clear my head and I think it will be a great creative release when I am about to pull my hair out due to stress from nursing classes. 

I have a few questions for those of you out there in the blogger world that I hope you can help me with. Sometimes I have trouble with inspiration of what to write about...where do you all find inspiration on what to write? Also, what organizational methods do you use to coordinate posts on your blog? I read one blog once where the author had her blog topics picked out a few months in advance! Is this the norm that I just didn't know about? How far in advance do you plan out blogs? Any advice is greatly appreciated for this newbie blogger!

Here's an adorable cat gif in trade for your advice!

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