How To Survive With No Sleep

Friday, September 12, 2014

Between recruitment, nursing clinicals, and a major test this week, to say I only got a little sleep is an understatement. I have found that college is one big balancing act between doing the things you need to do with doing the things you want to do, all while trying to get the minimum amount of sleep that will keep us sane. While I was running on no sleep this week (and the past year) I have compiled a list of things that worked to keep me awake!

1. Eat something
I know there are a lot of you out there that choose to skip breakfast. DON'T DO THIS EVER (its so bad for you guys!) However, it is especially important to eat something if you haven't got a lot of sleep because food is a major energy source for your body so it might be able to give you a little power boost! On mornings that I am feel extra groggy, I usually make myself a PB&J on whole grain toast. This gives me the energy to get my morning going!

2. Mint gum
When I'm sitting in class and hardly able to keep my eyes open, I usually reach for a piece of gum to try to wake myself up a bit! The mint wakes up the mind and the chewing allows your body to focus on an action, rather than how tired you are.

3. Water

Hydration is extra important when feeling tired because dehydration will make you feel even worse. It'll make you feel more tired and give you a headache! I like to keep a reusable water bottle, like a Camelbak, with me all the time and refill it multiple times throughout the day. 

4. Walk/Stretch
While sitting down when you are tired may seem like a nice way to conserve energy, I find that it just makes me more tired. Whether I am studying or in class, I take advantage of bathroom and snack breaks to walk around to stretch my legs as I feel it gives me a little boost of energy! While it may seem counterintuitive, if you have the time to fit in a whole workout, do'll give you a major energy boost!

5. Coffee or Tea

When in doubt, reach for the caffeine! I would suggest coffee or tea, because energy drinks kind of scare me! If you are able to sneak into the nearest Starbucks, I would suggest the Tazo "Awake" tea (an English Breakfast tea) or a Hazelnut Macchiato or just a boring old Pike with room!

What do you do to survive on no sleep?


  1. Another good energy source that's natural and healthy is the banana, just one banana can keep me going a whole day but, that's just me tho one cup of coffee can keep me level headed while two can make me super hyper so I limit myself to only one to be safe. lol

    When I worked harsh shifts and big mugs of coffee with lots of sugar didn't work, chocolate covered coffee beans sure did. lol =0)

    Good blog post! =0)

    1. I would love to try some chocolate covered coffee beans...I bet I would really like them! Also, I should have mentioned that fruit is a great natural source of energy, thanks for adding it!

      Thank you!


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