Please get your feet away from me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So I am starting this post off on a tangent, and then I am going to circle back around to the prompt of the day, which is pet peeves! Yesterday morning, I was in a fender bender while driving to campus for my morning class. It's really ironic because I left my apartment 15 minutes earlier than I normally would have so I could sit down and enjoy coffee and a muffin before class. Best laid plans, eh? The second after my car jolted forward from the impact, I looked in my rearview mirror and thought "this is going to wreck my day". It took a while to get the police there and exchange info, and I left shook up and hangry. I knew that I only had about 45 minutes left of class so instead of sneaking in super later, I decided that I should fulfill my basic need for food (and coffee) and try to relax my shaking hands. 
After getting the my favorite Dunkin Donuts order of a hazelnut coffee and a coffee cake muffin, I sat down at a table and opened my laptop to my Bloglovin account to catch up on some of my favorite blogs. This was a perfect way to get myself out of my own head and into someone else's for 45 minutes. So I just wanted to thank you all for spending the time to write these posts day after day, because they really made my day today! 
And to really bring things full circle, the first pet peeve on my list today is 1. Traffic accidents
2. Feet. I don't mind my own, but I don't like to see/touch/hear about other peoples feet. Some friends of mine know this and think its funny to put their feet on me or close to me (not okay). I would rather everyone just wear Disney princess socks like me.
When people put their feet on me. via reationgifs.

3. The apartment below me for playing music at 9am on Saturday mornings. I love David Bowie more than my college-aged peers do, so I was initially surprised when I heard his voice rising up from my floor. My surprise has since turned to annoyance as this has happened multiple Saturdays since I have been living here in August. No David Bowie, as many times as you sing "let's dance", I am not going to dance at 9am on Saturday.
Sorry David. via buzzfeed. 
4. The apartment next to me for having a party on a Tuesday night. Who needs sleep anyway? I do, so I can study for my psych test. #collegetownlife
5. When I can't find exactly the right gif I was hoping to find. It happened yesterday for my "dream vacation" post...I think I spent double the amount of time searching for gifs than I actually did writing the post! 
Heres hoping today is a better day. via reactiongifs. 

These pet peeves may seem a big random, but I did a small pet peeves post a few weeks ago...If you interested in reading that, just click here! Also, I just realized I wrote about feet in my last pet peeves post...I really have a major aversion to them!

What are some of your pet peeves?

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. having a car accident is never fun. I had a fender bender myself a while ago, and just saw one happening 3 cars ahead of me yesterday. But at least you are alright, and you still got your coffee!

    I feel you for the music. My parents would actually turn the radio on our living room around 9am too, Saturdays, and I always thought it was so inconsiderate with us that were trying to sleep. haha now I have a neighbor who thinks it's ok to work at 8am on his saw outside of our window
    ( a bunch of townhouses). joy!

    Hope your day is better now!

  2. Ugh, I feel like loud neighbors are the WORST! My husband and I used to live below a neighbor that we called "Stompy"....and she was the tiniest Asian girl ever. I still dont know how she made so much noise!!

  3. I hate feet! I can't stand when someone touches mine or tries to touch me with theirs. So gross! My husband teases me about it all the time

  4. I can't stand inconsiderate neighbors!!

  5. Ugh apartment neighbors can be the worst! I have an upstairs neighbor who stomps around her apartment. I can literally hear every footstep she takes- it's so annoying! And I'm with you on finding gifs, it always takes me longer than writing the actual post! Stopping by from the linkup!

  6. Ewwwww nothing wrong with feet but I don't need to see them or smell them or touch them...

  7. I HATE FEET TOO! They are so gross. I gag thinking about it.


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