Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guys I'm think #Blogtober14 has made me addicted to blogging. I think about it all the time. I probably would talk about it all the time but then my friends might ask to see my blog...
I think I wrote most of this post in my head during my clinical applications class because learning about heart failure today was not as interesting as thinking of how I attract embarrassment and also what the heck I am going to post about after #Blogtober14 is over. Probably i'll end up writing about how much I love November and December...I am so ready to wrap up this semester and head home for the holiday break (44 days until finals are finished and I am on the road home). 
Have I made you forgot why your here yet? Hopefully. I was trying. Did it work? I really really didn't want to write this post but then I felt guilty and said "Aw Meghan, its the last week of October so you have to!" I tried to think of other embarrassing moments in my life but this one is really the only one that I can actually write out. You guys really don't want to know my most embarrassing moment. You guys don't want know that in the 7th grade I walked around with my monthly, weeklong visitor on my pants for the whole day...oops. 

You might think, "Jeez, Meghan..this isn't really a big deal, I am sure it has happened to most girls when their lady flu is still a newish thing!" The embarrassing thing is not that it happened, but how I handled it. I discovered I was surfing the crimson tide during the mid-morning (no, it wasn't my first time getting it either), and it had gone all the way through to the outside of my jeans. *CRINGE* One might think the easy thing would be to call my mom at home and ask her to bring me a new pair of pants. But that would have required me explaining to my male teacher why I needed to call home for a new pair of pants... What would you have done as a 12 year old?! So there I went from class to class, walking with my hands behind my back thinking that this would hide the fact the I probably resembled Carrie at prom from the back.
Sorry for the gore but point proven, right? via

The only "right" thing I did all day was skip lacrosse practice to go home and cry in shame. If some of the logic of my ways in this post doesn't make sense, middle school doesn't make sense. But hey, my take-away lesson from this is clear...I will be sending my daughter (if I have one) to middle school with an extra pair of pants to keep in her locker. 

Excuse me while I go cry about my awkward pre-teen years now. Oh and please still like me, even after reading this.

Are you crying from second-hand embarrassment yet?

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I think one of my most embarrassing moments revolved around this same topic, too. And I'm willing to bet, we're not the only girls who have had something embarrassing happen in this department either

  2. Awww you poor, poor girl. That's embarrassing NOW, I can't imagine how you felt back in middle school when hormones were crazy! {HUG}!

    Glad you've caught the blogging bug, it's fun and I like reading! :)

  3. Haha I'm so sorry that does stink but that has definitely happened to every girl at least once. And that Carrie gif had me dying! lol

  4. omg.. I would die if that happened to me. I am cringing just thinking about it. I attract embarrassment too! My friends ALWAYS say this about me. I am having a hard time narrowing down the MOST embarrassing story for my blog.

  5. This happened to me in high school! Luckily I was wearing black yoga pants..thank god for yoga pants. And that Carrie gif is too funny haha

  6. I found out about my first period after school one day. I had been wearing white shorts...bloody...all day long.


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