Do you want to know a secret? How about five?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's prompt is to share a secret about ourselves, and I thought "Hey, why not share five?" So here goes nothing...

1. I cry at everything. 
Happy things. Sad things. But mostly happy. I remember crying at my aunt and uncle's wedding ceremony when I was in second grade, because I thought it was so touching (I have since cried at every single wedding I've been to). I bawl at the end of The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler's character sings to Drew Barrymore's character on the airplane. I actually cry at the end of every romantic movie (any type--especially rom-coms). I cry at every "last" moment...since I am a senior this year, I have been having a lot of these moments lately! 

2. I am a control freak.
This is actually something that I don't like it admit about myself and I am only admitting it because I am trying to work on it...and acceptance is on the steps to recovery, right? I like the schedules that I always have going in my head and its hard for me to deviate from my plans. I like things a certain way and as much as I try to be a go with the flow type person, I just end up being a create the flow type. I am really trying to be better, guys!

3. I suck at doing laundry
 I wear my jeans (ok, and yoga pants) a lot before I actually wash them. I know I suck at laundry and I accept the things I cannot change so I have an awesomely big towel and underwear collection so I never run out of clean ones. 
I need one of these

4. I wish I could play video games 24/7
This is probably the most embarrassing secret I'll admit in this post and its kind of a dark one because its a little immature! When I was younger, I loved playing my GameBoy (so much that it would make my right eye twitch), and as years went on, I just had less and less time for it. I wish I could play Pokemon, Sims, and Super Mario Bros just in my spare time...but I am a 21 year old college girl who is unsure if she could handle the weird looks she would get if she played those games in public. Guess I'll just have to fill this wish by playing the Kim Kardashian game (I am already an A-lister). 

Only my mom and John know about it. Oh, and all of you. So its not really a secret per se, but none of my friends know...should I tell them? 

What is a secret of yours?

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. My friends don't know about mine either! I like it that way so I don't have explain anything to them :)

    1. I feel like my friends would tease (jokingly!) me about having it! Glad I am not the only one with a blog as a secret!

  2. I actually put links about my blog on my facebook profile. My family is probably the only people that read the blog on the regular! Ha. Ha. Your blog is so fab!

    Beardy Heart Beauty


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