Autumn Bucket List | Part 2

Sunday, October 5, 2014

In excitement of the first day of fall a few weeks ago, I made an autumn bucket list post! (Click here to read). When I saw today's post was a bucket list, I was actually happy because in the days after my post I just kept thinking of more and more things I was excited to do/see this fall!
Before I begin my list, I want to share my purchases from this indoor farmers market that I discovered in the town over from me yesterday. My roommate and I had a perfect fall afternoon there, going throughout the stalls and obviously trying every free sample of food that was offered. It was the first day that it was actually chilly out and even though it was from a fluke cold front, it made me so excited for that crisp fall air that comes at the end of October/beginning of November here. Although I wanted to take home a lot more, I restrained and bought three things---homemade hot chocolate mix, pumpkin butter, and a chocolate bar. I had planned to not eat anything until I took a picture of it all, but I had a momentary amnesia on the way home and started in on the chocolate bar...

Onto the list! 

-apple cider
-wearing sweaters
-american horror story on wednesday nights
-seeing my best friend when she visits for homecoming
-darker lip colors
-chunky scarves
-go to a live rocky horror picture show
-pumpkin carving/decorating
-making soups/chilis/stews
-hocus pocus/nightmare before christmas on repeat
-caramel apples (making and eating)
-get every fall scented candle i can find
-spooky playlists
-make a halloween costume 
-friendsgiving (a mini-thanksgiving before break for school starts)
-pumpkin flavored everything
-step on every crunchy leaf on my way
-do a haunted house or hayride tour (maybe...)
-dance to thriller every chance i get
-addams family movie marathon

*snap snap*

What are somethings on your autumn bucket list?

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I am looking forward to American Horror Story too! I love that show

    1. I have read that even the cast members had nightmares when filming this season so I think its going to be really scary!


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