Very Superstitious

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I might have mentioned this before, but I am a very paranoid person. In my head, being paranoid and being superstitious run hand in hand...(does anyone else see the connection?) 
Proof of the here to see how paranoid you are.

Some of my superstitions: 

-I don't step on cracks (Seriously, what would my mom do if she broke her back?)

-I have to put my right shoe on first or put my right leg in pants first 

-Bad things come in threes 

-I only wear my Disney princess socks when I know I am going to have a good day

-I sleep with my closet door open (that way I can see if there is a monster)

-Whenever I am driving north to visit John, I have to have a Smores pop tart (makes for less traffic)

-Ladybugs bring me good luck

-I have to knock on wood (usually use my head for the wood)
I started doing that first, Lisa Kudrow...copycat. 

I am hoping that reading other people's superstitions today will help me to see that I am not totally crazy (just a little bit). 

What are some of your superstitions? 

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. The pop tart one is funny! And is a great excuse to eat a smores pop tart ;)

  2. hahah i think everyone has their own "weird" or quirky things they do. My husband's best friend and his girlfriend have THE strangest of hers is that she gets onto the bed by stepping onto the bed (like standing on it) and then lays down...and she can't get up out of the bed until the morning. lol We make fun of them all the time

  3. Ohhhh I forgot about knocking on wood! I always do that so I don't jinx myself, if I forget my husband even reminds me! hahaha!! I have to track down anything made of wood to knock on. Yep, I'm a little crazy too haha

  4. Dying over your disney princess socks! I've never heard that one before but I LOVE it!

  5. Your list is similar to mine! Knocking on wood (well head) is something I do on the daily! And also putting on right shoes/pants first!


  6. Your quirks are like mine, so fun to find someone similar, right? I like the Disney princess sock good day superstition!

  7. The closet thing is pretty funny! My boyfriend is the complete opposite. He has to have it shut for that "comfort"!


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