Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today's prompt is "all about your city", but I would prefer to talk about my home state of Maine! For the most part, I grew up in Maine but I had to go to college in Virginia to *reallllly* appreciate what an amazing place Maine is. 
I live in southern Maine, and I am just a few minutes from the beach. I could easily ride my bike but lets face it, we all know I am too lazy. Anyway, I absolutely love going to the beach in the summer. I try to go at least once a week. It is just so relaxing to lay there with my feet in the warm sand, listening to the waves crash and then running into the water when the sun becomes too hot to bear. 
Not only is Maine the perfect summer state, but fall/winter are perfect seasons too (I don't like spring no matter where I am)! The leaves changing and the crisp autumn air are picturesque...its no wonder why so many artists and authors find so much inspiration here. As far as winter goes, even though its super cold and snowy, it allows for some of the best skiing in the country. I skied a lot when I was much younger...I would be nervous to try it again now! Definitely would stick to the bunny slope... or perhaps just stay in the lodge by the fireplace?

Now I see that I have talked a lot about the weather, but I swear there is more to Maine than the sky! There is an awesome downtown in Portland with cobblestone streets (that are impossible to walk on in heels), boat rides, blue lakes, lighthouses, seafood, and the coastal attitudes!
If you ever get the chance, Maine (also known as Vacationland) is worth the trip! 


What is your home state like?


  1. It so weird to see a snow covered beach! I guess because we rarely get snow in NC, I just never associate snow and beach together. Maine looks gorgeous!

  2. I still think its weird to see a snow covered beach, and I have been seeing them my whole life! The best part is that even when the beach is covered in snow, there are still surfers out catching waves!


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