Lets Talk About...Me?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I know this title seems quite self-centered so I thank you for persevering through and reading this post! Today's prompt is to list five things we like about ourselves so I thought about it all day and here goes nothing, I guess!

1. I like that I am pretty decent at applying make-up.
I get compliments on how my make-up looks often and I get so excited because its nice to hear you are good at doing something you love to do. I love applying it/shopping for it/planning for it/talking about it. Sometimes, its even my favorite part of my day (usually the days I work). I love the focus that happens when I start going through my make-up routine and it just puts me right in the zone which is a great way to start my day!

2. I like that I am reliable.
While this is something that may seem boring, I really like that I am not a person that reinvents themselves everyday and people can rely on me to be me!

3. I like that I have a big secret (this blog).
The only people that know about it are my parents and John. I am not ready for my friends to know about it yet. I am not sure if I will ever be ready...its fun to have a secret!

4. I like that I am okay with quiet. 
I feel like some people are not okay with silence or with being alone with themselves. However, it is time that I truly value. After days and days of working and being with friends/family, I need a few hours to myself to just relax, or go out to run errands myself. There are definitely some people I know that are not okay with being alone, and they have trouble understanding how I prefer to be alone every once and a while! Its peaceful!

5. I like that I have discovered new self confidence.
That is the real reason why I was able to start this blog. For the most part I kept to myself, but over the winter, I gained more confidence that I could share pieces of my mind and what I was interested in with the world! I find that I don't care what people think how I look or do as much as I used to. When it comes down to it, like what you like and don't care if people judge you for it!


What are some things you like about yourself?


  1. I don't think this came off as self-centered at all!

    1. Thank you! I was nervous about posting it!


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