My May 2014 Favorites!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finally, the dreaded month of May has passed! You might be saying to yourself, "who hates May???", but this girl does. The beginning of the month is a week of finals, followed by a long drive home to cold and rainy weather in Maine. Then its days of unpacking all my bags from school, and finally sitting around waiting for the good weather to come. Once its warm, there are so many things to do and places to see in Maine and I just want all that fun here now. But enough complaining, onto my favorites this month! Like in my last post, (click here if you haven't read it yet), I've linked the product names to the websites where you can get more information! 

At the end of April, I picked up the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer in hopes of a cheap replacement for my bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer. While I am not a expert on skin primers, I didn't notice a huge difference between these two products. The bareMinerals primer has a consistency that is a bit more smooth than the Maybelline one, but once on the skin, they act the same! I like using a primer when I use my full coverage foundation because I feel like it creates a protective barrier between my skin and the heaviness of the foundation. Now this may be completely stupid reason for using primer, but I feel like it really does work well for me. I have used it most days this month and find that it does hide my large pores (embarassing) well. I also love that it is $6.99 compared to $24 for the same result!

While I have had this product for a while, I recently got into using it daily because I had forgotten how much I loved it! It is the Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop! I am just obsessed with how citrus-y it smells (satsuma is a fruit similar to an orange or tangerine, thanks Wikipedia) and I find that it is extremely hydrating for my dry skin. I like to use body butters compared to body moisturizers as the consistency of the body butters is usually thicker, which I would guess takes longer for the skin to absorb thus increasing the time that is on the skin hydrating (yay, science!). When I was on the website for the body butter to get the link for this post, I saw that it was 50% off...can you guess what I am stocking up on??

House of Cards is a Netflix original series about a U.S. Congressman, Frank Underwood, climbing and manipulating his way to the top. It stars Kevin Spacey as Frank, and Robin Wright as Frank's wife, Claire. While you hate Frank Underwood for how cruel and calculating he is, you can't help but love how he can predict the next five steps of everyone else around him and how ruthless he is to get what he wants. Right now, there are two seasons on Netflix with the third season due out in about a year or so. This series is definitely a must-see!

What were your favorites this month?


  1. Nice bunch of goodies! I love the Body Shop Body Butters! I'm currently using the strawberry butter... I l adore its scent.

    Keisha xo

    1. Oh I bet the strawberry butter smells amazing! I will have to check it out in the store!


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