Baseball & Brunch ~ Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fortunately, I was not training at work on Friday so I got the chance to sleep in a bit (if 8am is sleeping in to you)! I kind of had a bum day...took the dog for a walk and wrote a blog post (click here to read it)! My favorite part of Friday was that John and I had planned ourselves a little date night out. We did the classic dinner and a movie date. For dinner, we grabbed Thai food (yum!) and for the movie, we saw 22 Jump Street! It was SO funny, and John said he wanted to see it again because the theater was laughing so loud that we missed a lot of movie dialogue! Before the movie started, I had my doubts because of it being a sequel and they can obviously be hit or miss, but this movie was a hit. Definitely go see this if you get the chance! If you need more convincing...Channing Tatum. 

 photo tumblr_mxxs6e3s9l1s3dykto1_500_zps2f4b4ff0.gif

Saturday was another bum day (so lazy, I know), but on the brightside, it gave me time to play around with a new blog layout and color scheme! What do you guys think? I'm really loving the colors...perfect for summer! I took the dog for a walk, which I love doing because I swear she smiles the entire time and it makes me so happy. Finally, that evening my brothers had a Little League baseball semi-final game, which was a stressful one! It was a close game, but luckily they pulled through in the end to win the game! The town championship game is tomorrow...wish them luck! Also, I didn't take any pictures at the game like I planned because it started to rain and I was afraid my camera would get too wet!

 photo 200_zps2c1cf44e.gif
Here's another gif of 22 Jump Street to make up for lack of Saturday pictures!

John and I met his parents down in Kennebunkport for brunch at the Nonantum Resort!

It was such a lovely day, and we got to sit in a sunny, window-filled room that looked right out onto the cove. The food was delicious, although I mostly stuck with the breakfast side of brunch! Helloooo made-to-order omelette station! After we were finished eating, John and I stuck around Kennebunkport for a bit, just to explore!
View from the back lawn of the Nonantum!

We pulled over at this little empty stone chapel to explore and take some pictures! 

 It looked right out onto open ocean!

Top is Banana Republic & Pants are Gap

This is the chapel's view!

Later that day, I celebrated Father's Day with my family with a nice dinner out! It was perfect family time that I really cherished! 

What did you do this weekend?

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