DIY Congratulations Frame

Monday, June 9, 2014

With graduation party season well under way, I thought it would be the perfect time to write about one of my favorite high school graduation gifts! 

My mom purchased a frame from the craft store that had a wide matting board, and framed my favorite senior picture. Then she set it up with some Sharpies at my graduation party, with a note asking guests to sign it with some well wishes! I absolutely loved reading all of the congratulatory notes and sentiments that my friends and family had written for me, and I know it is something I will always want to have hanging in my home.

As someone who does not have a crafty bone in their body, I love this idea because it is simple and easy, but also extremely sentimental. While I received it as a congratulations for graduating, it is a craft that would also fit well into a wedding, bridal/baby shower, going-away party, or any event in which congratulations or best wishes are due!

Thanks for reading!

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