Cheeseburgers With A Side of Shopping?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The stars had a rare alignment yesterday thus resulting in John and I both having the same day off! To celebrate this unusual occasion, we decided to drive a ways up the coast to Brunswick to this little drive-in restaurant called, Fat Boy Drive-In. Its a pretty famous Maine restaurant that has been featured on TV and in many articles for its delicious (and cheap) burgers and old style drive in service! 

We pulled up, left our lights on for service, and in no time a waitress was giving us menus that feature cheeseburgers just over $2 and a large side of fries for $1.80! John and I were starving so we ordered SO much food, and since it was so cheap and local, we tried not to feel too bad about it!
Us waiting for our food to arrive! 

 We ordered a cheeseburger, a specialty burger, a Canadian BLT, a side of onion rings, a side of fries, a Coke, and a vanilla frappe! We figured we should sample a bit of everything to get the full experience, right?? When they brought out all our food, they put it on a tray that hung right on the window of the car.

Food just hanging outside the car

By this point, John and I were a bit hangry BUT I managed to snag a picture of my cheeseburger before it was devoured...LOOK HOW YUMMY IT IS!
I got it with my two favorite burger toppings--ketchup and pickles

Once we finished this huge meal, we decided that a bit of outlet shopping would be the cherry on top of our vanilla frappe! We headed to the outlet village in Freeport (one of my favorite shopping places!). Our first stop on our shopping excursion was L.L. Bean, of course! For those of you that may not know, Freeport, Maine is home to the L.L. Bean flagship store...and its also one of John's favorite stores!
Did someone lose a boot?

After some wandering around the sale racks and looking at all the tents set up outside, we decided to check out some other stores. We both had success in the Old Navy outlet and the J. Crew Factory store! 

My mini haul!

I got two pairs of flip-flops from Old Navy, even though I'm not a big flip-flop fan, but I needed a few pairs to throw on for the beach. I also grabbed a bikini top from Old Navy for $6.50...SCORE! Finally, I bought a plain purple tank top from J. Crew Factory for $4...what a bargain!  Although J. Crew was having an awesome sale, I didn't want to spend a ton of money because John's birthday is this  coming weekend and I knew I would be spending money on his gifts this week! (More info to come on his gifts, I just don't want to spoil the surprises!)

We ended the day with one of my brother's Little League All Star games! It was a warm night for the game and turned out to be a fantastic night because they won! 

When was the last time you had a delicious cheeseburger?

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