Will I turn into an icicle this weekend?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why is it that the last few Fridays have been so long? You'd think that I would be happy because (hello!) Friday, but lately they have been the days that keep me going from my alarm at 6:30am to bedtime, which is usually after midnight... It's a mix of school things and fun things though so I can't complain too much!

1. Gas prices
Can we talk about how cheap they are? Combined with gas points that I get through grocery shopping, I paid $2.45 a gallon last week. I am ready to drive everywhere now! That's why I really don't feel bad about driving to go see John this weekend...the gas station is basically paying me to go, right?

2. Speaking of John..
It's homecoming at his college in PA this weekend so I'm headed up there to participate in some of the festivities. I'm excited because there is just so much school spirit during homecoming and no matter if it's my school or not, the excitement is contagious! We have a homecoming ball tonight (he is nominated for the homecoming court!), and a parade tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about watching a parade, when it's suppose to be 40 degrees out so we will see how long I actually last...
I am a little nervous this is how I am going to look Saturday... via

3. One week until Thanksgiving break!
Time seems to get slower when breaks are near, and I am especially feeling it now! I need to get home to my animals (and my family), don't my professors understand? Also, its getting really cold here in VA and all my warm winter jackets are at home. All the more reason for break to get here now! 

4. I read a book! 

I know this sounds silly (and slightly pathetic), but I honestly can't tell you the last time I was able to read a book for fun and not for class, during the school year. I always have my nose in a book in the summer and on breaks, but once school picks up I find myself reading out of textbooks/flooded with so much work that I feel too guilty reading for pleasure. Somehow I don't feel guilty about Netflix though...

5. POLL: Coke or pepsi? Diet or regular?
I recently had a conversation with someone who was adamant that Pepsi was the best soda, and as a Diet Coke fiend, I wouldn't listen. My school just switched form Coke products to Pepsi products this year, and I just hate it. I guess it has been a positive change though, as it has forced me to just have water! 

I have been seeing so many five on Friday/Friday favorites posts, and I wanted to try it! Luckily I found April's awesome blog because of it! Hope you like the post...I sure did so I might do them more often! 


  1. Diet Coke, all the way. And if it was a choice between regular coke and regular pepsi, I'd take regular coke any day (and then brush my teeth so my teeth didn't rot out of my head from all the sugar). I do not like Pepsi either.

  2. That gif is hilarious, freezing is no fun! Hope you have a great time, though!

    COKE ALL THE WAY! Diet is gross, taste like water and the aspertane in it is horrible for you. Just kill me with sugar, thanks! Pepsi....yucko-mundo!

  3. How was that book? What's it about? Is it historical fiction? I'm always looking for a good book to read! :)


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