Halloween/Homecoming Recap!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I am a little nervous this post won't make any sense as I am still half asleep after having all my energy completely zapped from the weekend! From 5:30 Friday morning when my alarm went off to wake up for clinical, to 4pm last night when our last guest left, it has been nonstop. 

Halloween! I spent most of the day at my nursing clinical, and was soo excited the entire day because my best friend (who graduated in the spring) was coming to visit for Homecoming weekend here at JMU! I rushed home to lots of big hugs and very girly screams as it has been two months since our last visit. After meeting up with some other alumni for dinner, we went back to our apartment to get ready. 
As I have written before, I love makeup...so this Halloween I wanted to do something cool with it! 

Everyone said I looked so creepy and I was just happy that it stayed on the whole night even though I was dancing like a fool! I had my phone out the whole night taking pictures with every intention of posting them here today, but as I look back on them, they are blurry and embarrassing with unflattering angles so just be grateful I am not subjecting you to the horror. 

Homecoming! While we are not known much for our football team, JMU likes to tailgate like we are. So even though it was 44 degrees and raining, we bravely left our apartment to partake in the activities. We hopped around and visited with friends who were having tailgates, and unfortunately chickened out when it finally came time to head into the stadium for the game because my fingers were too cold to even open my purse to get the tickets... BUT we did manage to take this pic before we headed home! 
JMU's mascot is the Duke Dog!

After getting home, we crawled into beds and hopped on couches to nap, with every intention of getting up and dressing up again...but instead we woke up and were too lazy and tired to get off said couches. So a Bridesmaids viewing and freshly baked cookies ended up being more our speed. 

We woke up feeling completely well rested and refreshed (thanks Daylight Savings Time)! After a yummy brunch, we decided to be more lazy and watch more TV until our guests unfortunately had to leave to go back to the real world. To console ourselves, my roommate and I had leftover pizza and watched movies until the sudden realization hit us that we had lots of homework...

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Now onto a challenging week with probably the hardest test I am going to take this semester on Thursday! I hope you all have a great week! 


  1. You rocked your costume, lady! Sooo well done!

    Glad you enjoyed homecoming, movies and fresh baked cookies sound amazing right now!

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Love how you did your makeup! It looks great! And I highly doubt you could take an unflattering picture! :)

  3. Oh, my your makeup was amazing!


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