Monthly Favorites | October 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whoops, sorry for this being a little late into the month but between the puppy farm post and the Halloween recap post, I thought this one could wait a bit! The month of October was a very exciting, but stressful month for me! #Blogtober14 was a blast, but trying to stay on top of the prompts was hard. But 24 out of 31 isn't bad! Schoolwork has been through the roof, and with finals approaching in a few weeks there is no slowing down (#nursingstudentproblems).
October was also a great month because I saw my family, my best friend, and John! My November schedule is looking to be even more exciting as I have two weekend trips this month, and obviously I am looking forward to a much needed Thanksgiving break. As I a writing this, I am realizing that I won't spend a single weekend in my apartment at JMU in November...guess that means I don't have to clean it! Enough rambling and onto things I have been loving in October!


My oily skin is the one thing that I really can't stand about my body...not that I have a great body, but I just try to be confident about myself and not tear myself down with mean comments. However, oily skin deserves all the mean comments. I hate coming home at the end of the day and looking like I have just stepped out of a rain storm (gross and exaggerated but still). I am always looking for powders to control the oil, and this Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder has helped a bit. I am not sure if I am noticing a difference because I really just want it to work or if it is actually keeping my skin from being Niagara Falls. I apply it with a fluffy powder brush after putting on foundation (or just on its own if not wearing foundation!) and I try to just press it onto my skin. The best thing about it is that it was only $4 from Target so even if it helps a little, its worth it. 

Two beauty favorites this month?? How exciting. As I have written about before, I love Revlon lipsticks. I don't think I can leave a drugstore without one in hand...Lately I have been on the hunt for Revlon's "Black Cherry" lipstick and it is sold out in every store I have tried (I guess its the world telling me I don't need autumnal lips??). So I guess I will just wear "Love That Pink" until I track it down. I find the name of this shade to be quite deceiving because I think it is more of a reddish shade than a pink shade, but no matter what you call it, it is a beautiful color. What I love most about this product is how long it lasts. I put it on around 11am Saturday morning to tailgate, and was still getting compliments on it at 4pm...this doesn't seem like it would be a long time but it still looked freshly applied, which I think is impressive! 


I think the my favorite food for October goes without saying...I still have a lot of candy left so please come and eat it so I won't be forced to. 

Although this is an odd category, I started it last month in my favorites post and will continue it because I think its fun! An activity that I have really gotten into is making a cup of herbal tea before I go to bed at night and just letting myself wind down while watching Netflix/Youtube or reading your blogs. I never used to be an herbal tea girl...I was strictly an English Breakfast tea drinker in the afternoon, but now I love chamomile and lemon teas at nighttime. I find that it is a great way to relax and it helps to not go from homework mode straight to bed, as this makes me feel like I have no life. Does anyone else do this? 

What are some of your favorites this month?

P.S. Please help me figure out better photography skills...I really try and I don't love the way the pictures come out. Leave links with posts you've written about photography/posts others have written that you found helpful! Or leave tips! Thank you!


  1. Tea before bed is awesome, great way to wind down!!!

  2. I have such oily skin as well so I'm definitely going to try the rimmel powder! I usually love their stuff. I'm currently waiting for Nordstrom to open so I can run in and get the estee lauder double wear foundation because I've heard amazing reviews and hear it really combats and fights oil. Maybe check it out!

  3. I have been super oily lately.. so thanks for the recommendation on Rimmel powder. I never used to be oily so I have NO idea what's going on.

  4. I'm a huge fan of herbal tea, especially before bed! And even more so during the colder months of the year.


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