Here I am, not Black Friday shopping.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Every year, I have an internal debate with myself about Black Friday shopping. Here's how it usually goes: 

Do I go? 
Should I stay home? 
Jeez, some of the sales seem really good.
You would have to get up so early. Or even worse, not even go to sleep.
Maybe you could invite friends to go with you and make it fun! 
Ugh, but the crowds.
*Commercials* OMG, there is a massive TV on sale for $25!
I don't need a TV. In fact, theres nothing that I need to get.
Actually, thats not true, I need to get presents for *lists out x amount of people*
Maybe I should go, that way I can get all the presents at once and I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the month!
Okay, so if I am going to do this, I need to plan out where I am going to go, and what I are going to get for everyone. 
*Tries to plan for a few minutes*
F this, I am just shopping on Cyber Monday. 

Black Friday really brings out some of my worst qualities. I am a procrastinator by pushing off buying presents. I am lazy because I really just want to lay around and eat leftovers. I am a perfectionist because it would bother me to go shopping without any sort of plan (and if I am going to make a plan, its going to be a damn near perfect one and thats too stressful). 
For those of you that go Black Friday shopping, I hope you scored awesome deals and that you didn't get run over by a crazed shopper. Or more so, I hope that you weren't the crazed shopper who ran over others.

For those of you that chose not to go shopping on Black Friday, thank you for not making me the only one and I hope you enjoy some cheesy holiday television (exactly what I will be doing)!

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  1. I prefer to spend Black Friday on my couch in my pajamas! Cyber Monday is more of my thing, and you can still get some awesome deals online for Black Friday, too!



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