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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I hope people assume this when they read that I am from New England, but I am a lover all of New England based sports teams...including the Patriots. I actually never realized the hostility that pretty much every other team (and their fans) carry towards the Patriots, until I came to college and learned that people actually liked other teams (still don't understand why). So if you are highly against the Pats, stop reading because there are a lot of pictures below of happy Pats fans, a beautiful Gillette Stadium, and the best football team in the world. 

We only live about 2 hours away from Foxboro, but with traffic, getting there can take 2.5/3 hours and getting home takes 4. So we hopped in the family car around 9 and with a good book in hand, the ride flew by and we were walking into Gillette Stadium by noon. However, we couldn't go to our seats without a quick stop in the pro shop. 

Although I was completely overwhelmed with the array of things that you could get with the Patriots logo on it, I picked up the hat I am wearing in all these pictures, solely because I saw Gisele Bundchen wearing a similar one on her Instagram. If this is wrong, then I don't want to be right because its adorable. 

It was a perfect game too...the Pats won against the Lions (obviously). The only downside to the day, was the couple in front of us that apparently wanted to prove to everyone how in love they were so they spent more time drunkenly making out than actually watching the game. I tried to not notice, but considering I couldn't look at the field without having them in my eye line, I spent a lot of the game just grossed out. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT AT A FOOTBALL GAME, OKAY?

Every time that couple started to prove their love... via

Weather-wise, it was a perfect day as it was 55/60 degrees! This was a rare day for November in New England and we really lucked out as my mom and I don't tolerate cold weather well...(we just complain about it). 

Above is a picture of my new boyfriend, Julian Edelman... It took me a while to recover from my breakup with Wes Welker, but things were just never going to work out after he left the New England for Denver. Julian and I are keeping this quiet for now, because I am afraid of making all my friends jealous. If you were wondering how I caught his was definitely the hat. 


**Disclosure: No, I am not actually dating Julian Edelman, although it would be cool. Yes, 2007 was the greatest year of my life (when the Pats went 16-0).**


  1. Looks like a fun time--football games are always super fun!
    Gross about that couple (but hilarious gif to go along with your story haha)

  2. YOU WERE AT THAT GAME?! It was such a good one! Go Pats!

  3. I think it's cool you keep your home town team. I was born in Texas as was my father, so we grew up cheering for the Cowboys. I hear it all the time 'you don't live in texas' and it's like, come on people, I'm cheering for my team, leave me alone!

  4. We don't even live in New England (we are in UT, quite the distance!) but my hubs is a fan of every New England team... including the Patriots! I really don't know why we haven't moved to the New England area yet?! (We are dying to!!)
    This sounds like the best day!!


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