Shut Up and Dance! (And Read This Post)

Friday, March 27, 2015

What a slow week! I always underestimate how slow the week goes by when you have fun plans for the weekend. Does anyone else notice this? It drives me crazy! Anyway, for this five on Friday, I am sharing five links to videos, articles and such that I loved and/or found interesting this week! 

1. Lilly for Target
Lilly Pulitzer for Target

The new Lilly Pulitzer for Target look book came out this week and I had been so curious about what they were going to feature in this collection, and also, I was curious about prices! I poked around the website this week and unfortunately...I want everything. The collection screams the beach, the sun, whimsy and all the other good things about summer. The gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits are around $40, which is a pretty reasonable price. The bathing suits are all around $24 for separates, so $48 together. I am surprised that a bathing suit would be more than a dress! I marked my calendar and I'm counting the days until April 19th!

2. How To Get the Perfect Winged Liner // But First, Coffee
As some who has been struggling with winged linger for a long time, I learned so much from this video! But First, Coffee is a beauty channel and blog, and it is one of my favorites to watch/read. All of Kallie's tips, reviews and tutorials are so helpful and to top it off, she is so funny and sweet! 

I am a sucker for a good dance scene in a movie. All of my favorite movies have at least one in them! This video had me dancing along with it, and I swear, whether you are having a good day or not, this video will brighten it! Plus, its set to my favorite song of the moment, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. Its so catchy and I love that it sounds like an 80s pop will most definitely make you shut up and dance too! (also, you win if you can guess how many times I listened to this song while writing this post)

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with opinions on diets and what is good/bad for us to be eating. Anyone else?? I just found this article to be interesting because of the statistics that were given relating premature deaths and the high consumption of animal proteins. What confused me was that leaner animal proteins were never really mentioned specifically in the article. I do try to stay away from red meat, indulging in a burger or steak every once in a while, so a major source of my protein intake comes from lean chicken and turkey. I am curious if these animal proteins also cause such bad effects on the body, like red meat does? 

5. Photos of 11 Women Who Are Redefining Beauty // Cosmo
I loved this slideshow! I am all for changing beauty standards and these women are beautiful examples of this redefinition!

What links are you loving this week?

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  1. YAY, Friday and YAY, LP for Target! I think everyone is excited about the collaboration. I just hope everyone gets a chance to get something before it sells out!!!!

    I have the same dance mash up on my blog today! Great minds, girl! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Everyone is excited about Lily for Target (almost every blog I've been to this morning has mentioned it haha). It's sure to sell out super fast!
    Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

  3. ahh i hadn't heard about Lily for Target but those bikinis are gorgeous!! hmm that protein thing is very interesting, i don't eat red meat that often, heck i don't eat meat that often, but when i do it's as lean as possible. very interesting indeed.

  4. I love that last link! It's really cool that Cosmo would do that. I guess it just shows how much the industry is changing.

  5. That dance scenes in movies mash-up - I saw it earlier this week and have watched it multiple times. It makes me smile :)

  6. Winged eyeliner is something I am struggling to achieve and I guess I'd be following Kallie's tutorial as another shot.
    Noor's Place


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