Return of Kermit the Frog?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sometimes when I fall behind with blogging, I feel like it is harder to pick back up again...Does anyone else notice that? I have noticed it with other things like cleaning and exercising. Why is life like this? Aside from my philosophical thoughts, I want to say congratulations because we all made it to Friday! I thought I would do five favorites for this week, so enjoy! 

1. Lavender
I have been lighting my lavender candle all week long because I love how fresh the scent is! Also, I have been loving the color of lavender as well and plan to buy a lavender nail polish this weekend because it would be perfect for spring! 

The Office celebrated 10 years since the first episode last week and this compilation of quotes was posted on Buzzfeed. It had me laughing out loud! I miss Dwight!

3. Keds
I think I have worn my new white pair every day this week. They just look so crisp and are so comfy, I just can't help it! 

It was a great week for the TV world, people. The Muppets are being considered for a new spot on ABC and a Full House spin off, Fuller House, may have been signed for 13 episodes on Netflix. Its all my 7-year-old-Meghan dreams come true! 

5. Crying
I know this seems like a weird thing to list, and its not so much a "favorite" but just something I did a lot this week. Not for any major reason (PMS?) but I just found the tears were flowing like a waterfall this week! I was in the dining hall eating dinner earlier in the week, and Jewel's You Were Meant For Me came on the radio...Next thing I knew, I was taking my glasses off to wipe away the tears! Embarrassing, believe me! Maybe I just have overactive tear ducts?

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  1. Love The Office. I'm rewatching every episode right now, for the third time. I love lavender so much. I spray a calming lavender night-time Febreze around my bedroom every night. And I have a pair of pink keds that I'm obsessed with.

  2. I love the smell of lavender it's so calming!

  3. Lavender scents and colors are the best! I hope the crying episodes decrease a bit for you so you can avoid those embarrassing moments in the dining hall!! :)

  4. full house spin off? sign me up! i love lavender, its my favourite candle scent!

  5. I'm loving lavendar scents! My mom used to send them to me in college because they are suppose to enhance "soothing and relaxing" haha. I'm so excited for the possible/hopeful Full House spinoff - that would be so fantastic! The crying thing - I just said to my husband the other day, I cry so much more now! I read a post the other day in the car and couldn't keep the tears away! Glad I stumbled across your blog!


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