Winter Wonders and Woes

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As winter is slowly rolling to a close, I have been thinking about how I have such a love/hate relationship with these cold and snowy months. I'm looking forward to the weather turning warmer, outfits getting brighter and the beach becoming my free time, however there are a few things I will definitely miss about the winter (and a few things I most definitely won't miss!) 

Wonder: Sweaters and scarves!
I am obsessed with sweaters, to say the least. I love how you can put a sweater and a pair of jeans on and BAM, you have a put together and cute outfit. In the winter months, it's hard to get out of bed and change out of those warm pajamas, but the thought of putting on a warm sweater makes it bearable. Along similar lines, adding a scarf to an outfit immediately gives it a chic quality, while more importantly keeping me warm. I'm a sucker for a knit infinity scarf! 

Woe: Negative temperatures. 
Comment below if you need an explanation of why negative temperatures are a winter woe. I will respond by telling you to take an ice bath and then you'll know how I have felt walking anywhere these past few weeks. 

Wonder: Winter sports!
When talking about winter sports, I mostly mean skiing. I used to go all the time when I was much younger, but when swim meets and hanging out with friends took up my weekends in high school, I stopped skiing. However this year I have picked my poles up again, and I forgot how much I loved it! There is just something so serene about gliding down a snow covered mountain and being able to trust your body to maneuver the skis! I love the time spent with my family on the lift and the laughs on the way home about who had a silly fall that day. I love the rush of being a little cold but walking into a warm lodge that holds yummy food and hot drinks. There is just *snow* much more to skiing than just the sport of it! 

Woe: Shoveling.
Without a doubt, I always overdress myself* so I end up sweating buckets while shoveling. Its just a miserable activity that I feel the effects of for days (my lower back). 
*See previous woe to explain why

Wonder: Holidays!
With my two favorite holidays being in the winter (Christmas and my birthday), I can't help but look forward to the cold months! There is something so magical about these two holidays. Christmas, being a time to celebrate with family, and my birthday, a time to reflect back on the past year of my life and plan ahead for the next one. I feel like these holidays just wouldn't have the same meaning for me if they were celebrated in the summer months! 

Wonder/Woe: Snow...
I couldn't decide whether I love or hate snow. I love it when its snowing and I don't have anywhere to go. I hate it when its covered in dirt and taking up 3/4 of a parking lot. I love it when I wake up on December 25th to see a white Christmas. I hate it when I walk outside in the morning to drive to school only to see its snowing and I had no idea it was supposed to. I love looking at pretty pictures of it. I hate getting it in my shoes and soaking my socks. Since I haven't figured out a way to make the snow go away (besides moving...I'm working on it), I guess I will just continue this love/hate relationship with it! 

What are some of your winter wonders and woes? 


  1. What a fun post! I agree there is a lot of wonder to snow and the beauty it displays as it's falling down from the sky. But, then when it hits the ground and you have to shovel it, not so beautiful.

    I haven't been skiing in forever and I really wanted to get out this season. My parents were actually down by you yesterday, skiing at Massanutten. I was sooooo stinking jealous!

  2. ahhh the way you described snow is EXACTLY how i feel about it. it's so pretty and i love it when it's falling (and my office is closed!) but i hate driving in it, i hate how dirty it is on the side of the road, i hate hate hate. but it sure is pretty.

  3. I agree with pretty much all of these. Especially the scarves haha. I've accumulated a ton this year and love wearing them every chance I get!
    I'm over snow and shovelling at this point. It was ok for a while but I'm ready for the warmer temps!!


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