Spring Break? More Like Winter Break Pt. 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Or so it felt like. This break was a much needed one to re-engergize and re-focus myself for the rest of the semester. I am back at school now and already back in the swing of reading textbooks,  going to class and clinicals! Before spring break, I made myself a little to-do list that you can read here. I wanted something I could look at over break when I had free time or needed something to do. I didn't accomplish everything on my list, but I would still call it a successful break! 
Here's what I did (and did not!) accomplish!

1. Learn to braid my hair like Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde
Why did I think I could intricately braid my hair when I can barely put it into a ponytail? Attempted, but unsuccessful.

2. Take my dog for a walk on the beach.
I took Reilly for a few walks, but none of them were on the beach because I was nervous about getting sand/wet dog smell all up in my car. 

3. Hit up the outlets...ya girl would like some new going-out tops!
My mom and I had some awesome coupons to Bonton...we had never been there before but the coupons were too good to pass up! $50 off $50 for clothing, $35 off $35 for shoes, and $15 off $15 for beauty! I got a jumpsuit, a dress, a pair of shoes, and an eyeshadow for $30. SCORE!

4. Read 3 books.
Fail. I only read one!

5. Wash my makeup brushes...(its been awhile). 
The second I had free time at home, I was washing my makeup brushes and now they feel like new!

7. Cook my family dinner. 
It wasn't very exciting, but I made tacos!

8. Go to at least 2 restaurants that are participating in Maine Restaurant Week (March 1st-14th).
I only ended up going to one for brunch, and it was delicious! I wasn't a good blogger and forgot to take a picture, but it was my first meal of the day so I was starving!

9. Have a really fantastic margarita (or two). 
I only had one margarita, thanks Texas Roadhouse! I also had some delicious prosecco with my mom during our GNI...it goes great with Thai food!

10. Go skiing. 
Check! Only fell once, on the last run down obviously!

11. Find a new home for the clothes I have sitting at home.
While I pushed this exact activity off until summer break, I was able to leave some clothes at home which means I have less winter clothing at school! 

12. Eat seafood...because I don't trust the seafood here that's three+ hours from the nearest ocean. 
I am bummed about this one...I never got the opportunity to have seafood while I was home!

13. Go to open lap swim at a local (indoor) pool.
Even though it would have been indoors, I decided it would have been too cold for me! To make up for it, I went on a lot of walks with Reilly and my mom! 

14. Work on my photography skills.
I played around with my camera a bit. Its a point and shoot, and I have been trying to learn how to use it so I can get the best quality pics from it! Also, I took a ton of pictures on my iPhone trying to turn my dog into a model...

I had a blast with my family over break, and thats the best thing I could have asked for!


  1. Glad you had a great break, girl. Looks like you checked a lot of the list which is awesome. Sometimes other things come up and that's okay! Wishing you the best semester ever! Cheers, Miss Senior!

  2. It sounds like you had a super productive break, girl! Sometimes all you need is some time off to do whatever you want in order to recharge.
    Hopefully you're back and feeling good now!! Ready to take on the end of the year!! :)

  3. You definitely accomplished quite a bit while still allowing yourself to rest, too! I would say you did a good job with your list!

  4. Even if you didn't get everything done, you fit in quite a lot! As for falling on the last ski run--that always happens to me!

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