Lilly Pulitzer 2014-2015 Agendas

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Hot Spot"

Yesterday while eating my breakfast, I received a very exciting email...It was from Lilly Pulitzer saying we could now preorder their new agendas for the 2014-2015 school year! For the past couple years, I have bought myself a Lilly Pulitzer agenda and loved their whimsical patterns and fun stickers on the inside! As a busy nursing student, I absolutely live by my planner as it is essential to my time management. If it doesn't get written down, it doesn't get done! Since I bring it with me everywhere, I like that its a good size (I like the large size) and its cute! 
If the large is too big or too small for your needs, they also have small, medium and jumbo sizes as well. I've included some pictures and print names of the agendas that I like the best this year...I hope you like them too!

"Tripping and Slipping"
"Biggest Fan"

What is your #1 organization tool?

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