Washington D.C. Adventure! Day 1

Monday, May 26, 2014

One of my favorite buildings that we saw...The Treasury Department!

Over Easter weekend in April, John (the boyfriend) and I went for a weekend trip to Washington D.C.. I go to school about two hours west of D.C. and we wanted to do something exciting since we both had long weekend breaks from school. I did some searching around the internet and found a good hotel deal at the Grand Hyatt right in the center of everything. It was a beautiful hotel and we ended up with a corner room with huge windows to look out over the city with (SCORE!). Once we arrived at the hotel, we were eager to get our tourist on-- and where would you go first if you were in America's capital?? The White House of course! I had been so excited to get up close to the fence of the White House and spend a while taking pictures there, but unfortunately, it did not work out like that! There were police everywhere that wouldn't let anyone up close and it was so crowded that we did not feel like staying very long. BUT we were able to snag a few pictures!
Me outside of the White House!
 Then, we headed to the American History museum. We spent hours here just obsessing over every exhibit. John's favorite was the transportation exhibit because it had old cars and even an old camper! He is in love with cars so it was right up his alley. My favorite exhibit featured some of the First Ladys' inauguration ball gowns. I loved this exhibit because I just could not stop thinking about how these women must have felt on the nights they wore these dresses! Also, another favorite thing I saw were the ruby slippers that were worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz!
After leaving, we had about an hour until closing time at all the museums so we hurried next door to the musem of Natural History. Although I like this museum, I wasn't overly excited to visit it because I had already been there a few years ago. Since we had a limited amount of time to spend there, we decided to just stay around the dinosaur and fossil exhibit!
This T-Rex was huge!
Once we had to leave the museum, we had a little photo shoot while hanging out around the National Mall. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold, so there were so many people outside! 
These are my favorite pants---awesome color and so comfortable for lots of walking! 
After I had sufficiently bugged John by begging for selfies with me, we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before dinner. For dinner, we ate at an American-style restaurant called Clyde's. The food was okay, but my cosmo was delicious so the meal was balanced! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to call it a night, but on the way, we saw a giant rat in the street. GROSS. We nearly ran back to the hotel after seeing it! 
Overall, I would call our first day in D.C. a success because I got to see the American History museum which I was sooo looking forward to going to. Check back soon for a post about the second and final day in D.C.! 
This was my favorite picture of the day! 

If you've been to Washington D.C., what was your favorite part?

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