Monthly Favorites | August 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I haven't done a monthly favorites post since last OCTOBER! Almost a year...which is crazy because I love reading/watching other people's monthly favorites posts/video. I was super excited to do an August favorites post because I tried out a ton of new products and had a couple new ideas of what categories to include in my post!

Favorite Beauty

August '15 Beauty Favorites

I bought these products towards the beginning of the month and they were quickly integrated into my beauty routine! The mascara and the foundation have been used every single day since I have bought them and I am obsessed. Also, I find myself wearing the silver powder as a mask about twice a week! I will probably have a more in depth review of these things coming up as a post later because they are well loved and I want to share!

Favorite Memory

For John's birthday back in June, I bought us tickets to go see the Beach Boys play in downtown Portland on the waterfront! He is in love with the beachy and carefree vibe of their music, and I am in love with all music pre-2005...The concert was amazing and although I was nervous that they wouldn't sound like they used to, since they are getting up there in age, the Beach Boys were awesome performers. They whipped through almost 40 songs and I sang along to so many of them (as did everyone else in the audience!). This is one of my favorite memories of the summer because it was a beautiful night, we were right on the water and we were so happy to be enjoying such a classic American band! 

Favorite Place

The beach! Although I didn't get to go as much as I would have liked (thanks to the rain on my off days), the beach was absolutely my happy place for the month of August. Whenever I went, I felt so relaxed and carefree and on those days I felt so much better about everything that was going on. 

Favorite Blogger/Vlogger

Jaclyn Hill videos played on my YouTube app nonstop through the month of August! She is such a talented makeup artist and hilarious as well. She just released a highlighter at Sephora and I just can't even imagine how surreal it must be for her to walk into the store and have her own product there. She is absolutely an inspiration for me because she is so positive with all things in her life and has achieved so much at a young age. 

What were some things you loved in the month of August?


  1. The Beach Boys?!!?! How fun!!!

  2. Cant wait to hear more of your thoughts on the beauty products.
    I can't believe you got to see the Beach Boys! So cool :)


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