Haircuts make me nervous.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am extremely particular about my hair. I never let it air dry (*everyone rolls eyes*) because I can't stand the way it looks as it gets so frizzy and uneven. I am picky about the way I straighten it or curl it and you bet I am more than picky about how it is cut! 

After seeking some inspiration on Pinterest, I finally decided that I would have it cut near my collarbone that way I could still manage to easily curl it, but not feel pressure to straighten all the time. I explained to the stylist how I typically wear my hair and the look I was going for, to which she seemed fairly confident that it would look good. I honestly got a little nervous (more than I already was) in the beginning of the appointment during the shampoo/conditioner because a lot of water was going down my back and she was so aggressive when massaging my scalp that her fingers brushed against my eye. I thought she was going to poke an eye out! Once I sat down in the cutting chair, I just crossed my fingers and hoped that her cutting skills were a little more precise than the washing...Fortunately she was awesome and I am happy with my hair (and I still have both eyes)! 
After the cut and guiltily (is that a word?) refusing her product suggestions, I ran home to brush out the blowout she had done. I can't wait to wash it and style it on my own (am I the only person that doesn't love salon blowouts?) I much prefer to blow dry my own hair! It feels so much lighter and healthier though. All in all, I have to say that I am so relieved...I let myself get so worked up about these things, and my mom has to remind me that its just hair and it'll always grow back! I feel like I have an actual style now, and a few people have said it makes me look older... Little do they know its really the stress wrinkles nursing school is giving me and my obsession with my crockpot that is making me look older...

Do haircuts make you nervous or do you have fun with them?

Update: I washed and dried my hair since publishing this post and I don't love it anymore. There a lot of weirdly short layers that are making my hair stick out oddly and even when I straighten it, it doesn't lay right. The more I think about my experience at that salon, the more frustrated I am because the stylist definitely rushed the cut, nearly jabbed me in the eye, got my face so wet while washing that my waterproof eyebrow makeup was cleaned off, gossiped about other workers in the salon while shampooing, repeatedly let out these long exasperated sighs that made me feel like she didn't want to be there/me to be there, and got so distracted while talking to another stylist while spraying heat protectant that she only sprayed one section of my hair and then sprayed me square in the face because she wasn't looking. I think I left the salon trying to be positive and thinking that I would love the cut more once I washed out her blowout, but I think I had a bad experience. I am sorry for these run on sentences, but my frustration is typing for me. Fingers crossed I can learn to hide these awkward layers!


  1. Your haircut looks fab!!! And so healthy! :)

  2. Awww, lady, I think your hair looks fabulous. That's such a bummer that you didn't have a good experience at the salon, I hate that so much. I'm sure once you keep working with it, the hair will lie better. It looks awesome in the picture you posted. Maybe try using a curling iron on the stubborn pieces?

  3. oh no! it looks gorgeous in that picture, but i am so sorry you don't like it anymore. i used to hate getting my hair cut because they always screwed it up - but i am not as precise and definite as you, so i just always blamed myself for not speaking up. however, now one of my best friends is my hair dresser and i can tell her i don't like something - most of the time i say 'do whatever you want' and it always looks good, better than i could have pictured anyway. she also rarely does a blow dry, though when she does it always looks SO much better than when I do it. womp womp. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  4. Your hair is FABULOUS! Totally suits your face and draws attention to your lovely eyes! As a curly girl hair cuts are a hassle because people forget curls spring! Shrinkage is a thing, when you think you've cut one inch you've actually cut two! So I know how scary it can be but don't worry your hair is a definitely DO!

  5. It looks really great! I'm sorry you aren't as happy with it, but hopefully you'll find a way to make it work.

  6. Too funny! I always freak out about haircuts. And I'm the same with the blowouts! I always ask them to just put a little styling product in my hair and leave it wet, that way I can go home and dry/style it how I want. Plus it makes it cheaper!!! The blowout and style they do usually costs and extra $15-$30

  7. It looks really great! :D I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who gets nervous getting a haircut too lol. Hope that you find a style that you love by it.

  8. Haircuts seriously terrify me. I had an awful experience early in high school and I've haven't been the same sense, so I totally understand your fear! Your photo looks awesome, but I can totally relate to getting home and hating it!
    Good luck with your hair!

  9. I get really bad haircut anxiety. I've had one too many bad haircuts that led to trust issues with hairdressers, haha. Your haircut looks great in the picture and I wish you the best in figuring out the layers (been there, done that...)

  10. It's gorgeous! Haircuts make me very nervous, I always seem to wait until I have no other choice.

    Je Tuan


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