I talk about the weather so much, I should be a meteorologist.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. If you are in the part of the country that is supposed to get walloped with snow this weekend, then I am truly sorry and I imagine you will all really feel my post from Wednesday! I am spending the weekend with my nose in my study books and taking practice test after practice test, but will hopefully do a dinner out with John for a study break! Lets get on with some Friday Favorites.

Favorite Article: Small talk (aside from the weather!) is never something that I have felt comfortable with but feel like its something that we are all supposed to do in order to engage in conversation with each other. This article from the NYT's Modern Love column really hit home with me at the beginning of the week. I wish I could start off deep conversations like he does, but I just don't know if people would be as receptive as they were to him.

Favorite Lust: I have been eying contour palettes lately, and I just can't decide which one would work best. Cream or powder? I don't know! Brand? There are so many with good reviews! I really like the look of this one and this one too. And can't forget about this one! Does anyone have any insight into any of these?

Favorite Funny:

Earlier this week, John just randomly sent me a picture of a pine cone a stick...in reference to this vine that we both love. His way of saying he cares?!

Favorite Blog Post: This one from Helene in Between... I thought it was super funny and it inspired me to really make sure my personality is really infused in this blog! I don't love blogs that are all business, I want that personality to shine through!

Favorite Quote: 
inspirational quote, motivational quote
I hope that studying more will bring me more luck!

Favorite Moments: 

1 // I spent a lot of great one on one time with everyone in my family this week which is nice because we all have crazy schedules and are running in different directions! 

2 // John and I didn't see each other much this week, but he always makes me laugh so hard when I do see him! 

3 // This will make me sounds like a crazy cat lady...but when I am studying, the cats are always sitting nearby and it makes studying a little less lonely! 

Stay warm if you are in a cold part of the country this weekend, and if you are in a warm part, know I'm jealous! 

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  1. Your personality shines through in a big way, lady! I don't like blogs that are fake and that try too hard. Nothing like reading a blog from someone spouting positivity when you KNOW they are a negative nancy in real life. No Thank You!

    Your quote today is perfection!

  2. Girl I didn't talk about weather until I moved to Boston now it's the first thing out of my mouth lol! Have a great weekend and try not to study too much!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Aw I love that video-haha so cute! I'm in the zone that's supposed to get hit, but so far not a whole lot of snow activity going on. Have a great weekend!

  4. The title of this post is seriously hilarious hahaha

  5. I think the Kat Von D palette gets the best reviews out of those 3. I just pick up which shades work for me, since I'm so fair, I wouldn't get use out of the darkest 2 shades in the palettes. I use thebalm mary loumanizer for highlight, and benefit dallas for contour/bronzer. I also have the too faced milk chocolate bronzer, but benefit dallas is faster for me.

  6. haha this is the best! I always love reading your posts! Hope you have a great weekend, sending love!

  7. Totally agree with letting your personality shine through in your blog, this is your blog so I want to know YOU, which you do brilliantly. Wish others weren't afraid to do the same!

  8. Haha, your title attracted me because my boyfriend follows the weather like HE'S the chief meteorologist in our city! It's quite entertaining so this title got me. I do love that post from Helene because it was quite awesome and I like to be weird online. That's why I sing online and apparently talk about how to cure butt problems in my YouTube videos :-D Being weird is awesome! xx adaatude.com

  9. That small talk article was making the rounds on my Facebook newsfeed this week...I have mixed feelings about it because I like the idea behind it but I'm just not sure how open most people would be to jumping into big topics without any way to ease into it.

  10. Over the summer I was studying for the CPA, so I basically studied 8 hours a day, every day. The only that got me through it was having my pups there to hang out with me! I totally get that!

    Mary Kate

  11. lmao @ the vine... bahahaha... pinecones on a stick.

  12. Hey Megan! I am stopping by from the link-up... Your about me on the sidebar made me giggle! I love it! Hope you had a great time with your family :)

  13. awww cats <3 our cats follow us everywhere around the house. if we are both in the living room, so are they. if we are in the bedroom or kitchen, so are they. if we are in separate rooms, they freak out and try and station themselves halfway so they can see both of us but it doesn't always work lol. now who sounds like a crazy cat lady?!


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