November 2015 Favorites | Video

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Thursday! I know I don't usually post on Thursdays, but I filmed a video yesterday and thought, "why not just post it tomorrow?!" so here it is! It is my favorites for the month of November, and its a little bit ramble-y, so be warned. Also, I was still a tad nervous in front of the camera, but I think its only a little bit noticeable (I hope...). I had fun doing it, even though I look a tad serious in a few parts! Let me know if you like videos every now and then!

What were your favorites for the month of November?


  1. Love your video! I laughed at the vampire in twilight part haha

  2. I love the 25 Hour Rimmel Foundation. It is one of my regular go-to foundations. I also recently purchased the Suave dry shampoo and so far I've been pretty impressed with it. I still haven't braved doing videos yet, but I thought you did a very nice job! :)

  3. You don't look nervous, lady, don't worry about it! You're so cute.

  4. Love your video! I am doing blogmas this year maybe check it out? Thank you

  5. Loved the video!


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