Can Someone Explain To Me...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

...what Periscope is? I have seen lots of people tweeting about it but don't get it. 

...why I also seem to jinx myself? I swear the opposite of everything I say happens. 

...where I could find a cute bandeau bra that I could wear underneath a few sheer-ish shirts I have recently purchased? I told myself that they would be easy to find, but I have yet to track a single one down in stores. 

...why are all sheer shirts in style? I am always asking this question (even as I buy them).

...who is Amy Schumer? I have been hearing about her so much in the past few weeks and I know that she is an actress/comedian/activist, but what has she been in besides the new movie, Trainwreck? 

...what I did to receive such good shopping karma? I have gone shopping crazy the past two week (post coming soon because I want to share it all). people can be so rude to each other? I watched a young woman aggressively cut an old man in line today and Macy's. I feel guilty for not intervening and its been weighing on me all day. People should be nice to each other and we should stick up for others! 

...what is it about stores like Target and Ulta that force us to walk out with everything that we didn't know we needed but just had to have? I am almost afraid to walk into these stores...who knows what I will leave with?

...whats the best way to study medications? (Can you tell I have started studying for the nursing certification exam? I won't take it until after I graduate in December, but wanted to get a head start!)

If you have the answers to these questions (preferably the last one), please let me know in the comments!


  1. What a fun post. I have NO Idea what periscope is, but man is it everywhere. I don't get it at all either.

    Awesome you have such great shopping karma, I need some of that. And I don't understand the sheer shirts either. Can't help you with the studying, but I know you will rock it out, lady!

  2. forever 21 for the bandeau bra? i don't know what periscope is.
    love the shopping karma, jealous! and sheer shirts, why? i don't mind them when people wear a cami or whatever, but when they wear like a black bra under a white top in public i'm like excuse me you are not Carrie Bradshaw.
    people being rude - blows my mind!

  3. Almost all of the trendy mall stores have cute colored bandeau bras, normally for less than $10! If you're willing to spend a little more, probably between $20-$25, I've seen a TON of cute ones in Nordstrom. I have NO idea why so many are so obsessed with the sheer shirts, but I'm not feeling it!
    Oh Periscope... My boss told me about this roughly a month ago, before it blew up. It's like SnapChat, but more professional. I still don't understand it.
    So jealous of your shopping Karma.... Send some my way, because I've gone on two shopping trips that SHOULD have been big, and I came out with only one thing :(

  4. love the idea of this post! Wish i knew what periscope is also!
    xx, kenz


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