Do you ever feel...?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Unsure if your feelings about something are justified? You find yourself asking "Do I have a right to feel sad/mad/upset/hurt about this or am I just being crazy?" 

A flip in your stomach that moment when you hear the opening notes of your favorite song and you know that the next 2.5 minutes will be awesome no matter what?

So frustrated with the technical side of your blog (especially when there is a problem with it) and you don't even know where to begin to fix it so you just avoid your blog for a week?

That you should have been a cat so it would be acceptable for you to just eat/sleep/play all day and have people call you cute for it?

Mad at someone for a fight that you had with them in your own head just because you already know how they would react to you confronting them?

Overwhelmed with all the changes that can happen in your life in just one day? Or even one hour? 

That it is okay to eat a few extra pieces of chocolate in order to get rid of it and not have it sitting in your kitchen for the next few weeks?

Satisfied when your day doesn't go the way you planned, but actually goes better? 

Like writing a post inspired by Katy Perry?

As if 100 pounds are lifted off your chest the moment you get your feelings out of your head and onto paper (or in this case, a blog post?) 

 I apologize for this slightly emotional post, but I have been feeling overwhelmed with life lately (positive and negative things!) I have been having all the feels and I am thinking maybe this is what a senior in college is supposed to be feeling? Lately, when I open my planner, I have only been looking at what lies ahead for the next day because planning for the future (both near and far) has becoming daunting. So cheers to taking things one day at a time! 

I wish you all the best week and I am looking forward to catching up on all of your blog posts this week!


  1. Oh, lady! We've all been there. Emotions sometimes make us a bit crazy, even though we know we should be more rational about things. I hope everything settles down for you, soon. It's no fun feeling like people are out to get you for no reason...just ridiculous. It doesn't change when you get out of school unfortunately, some people never grow up.

    And yes, all the feels is exactly what happens senior year, 2nd semester. You're ready to move on, but already nostalgic for the fun of college. I had some of the best years of my life in college, but the real world can be a blast, too! sending you <3!

  2. girrrrl I feel you!! the last couple of weeks have been stressful for me too and Im just like can I just be a cat lol. Moving to another country and having all papers done and stuff is stressful :c Hope you feel more relax soon x!
    IG: ( )

  3. I totally can relate to feeling like any and all of these! Especially in your last semester as a senior--lots of big time life stuff is happening and it's totally normal! My advice is to try and get through whatever you can, try to avoid the people who cause you drama--they will find you even outside of college, especially the judgmental people who always have a comment about something--and try to focus on the things that make you happy. Hoping you're feeling better now that you "got it out"! :)


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